The Good Side and Bad Side of Popular Green Energy Appliances


A lot of people simply aren’t interested in the whole “save the planet” line coming from the green community. It’s sad, but it’s very true. However, once you tell someone that there is a lot of money to be saved by going green, then they’re suddenly interested and want to know a lot more about the pros and cons of green energy.

In terms of solar thermal panels, there is a huge upside here. By installing enough solar panels on or around your home, you can be 100 percent energy independent if you go off the grid. Or even if you choose to stay on the grid, just in case, you can still sell the excess power back to your local utility company.

Solar panels also have a couple of low points, however. First and foremost, they are extremely expensive. Even with all the tax incentives offered, and even if you do manage to qualify for a grant, you are still going to have to spend thousands of dollars on these items.

A photovoltaic cell is basically the cell inside of the solar panel that turns sunlight into usable electricity. That’s a huge pro right there! Converting the sun’s power into energy that can power your home is renewable and clean. It can help you save money and the environment.

Unfortunately, the science of photovoltaic cells is still basically in its infancy. Although they can provide a lot of power, they need direct sunlight. If you have a day where the sun isn’t shining brightly, you’re not going to get much power.

A wind turbine is a low-cost, effective way to provide electricity to your home. The wind might not consistently blow, but when it does, the turbine turns and subsequently creates electricity through a motor that will charge batteries or help to supplement your other energy means.

A big negative of a wind turbine is that you’re not going to get a lot of power out of a home-use machine. At best, you may be able to charge up a few batteries. But these batteries are only good for low-voltage devices, like cell phones and lamps. You’d need a big turbine or multiple turbines to make a real impact.

A heat pump that runs off of solar energy is going to provide you with a lot of heat throughout the winter. Using the duct work already in your home, the sun’s energy (even if it’s bitterly cold outside) will be transformed into green, clean heat.

You may have to get new duct work installed in your home, which will cost thousands on top of the thousands the heat pump already costs. So while it is an effective way to provide heat for your home, it’s also a very costly machine. Many people simply cannot afford to use one.

Knowing about the high points and low points of every green energy method will help you to make an educated decision. You just have to remember to pick a method where the pros significantly outweigh the cons.

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