Planning For Solar Energy


A new energy boom is happening. People are adopting better and more energy efficient ways of providing energy for their homes. One of the energy technologies that more people are using is solar energy. There are some things to consider before converting your house into one powered by solar energy. Read on for some steps to take before getting solar energy.

Calculations are needed to determine the number of solar panels needed to power your home. These calculations are based on how many hours there are of sunshine. Use winter sunshine hours for calculation rather than any other season, especially summer. In the winter, there are less sunshine hours than any other season, and in the summer there are more sunshine hours than any season. Using summer sunshine hours will give you a false calculation that will be based on sun conditions that don’t normally occur throughout the year, giving your home less power when winter comes.

Sometimes the best way to know about a product before you buy it is to see it in action.

There are very few problems associated with solar power systems, but one of them is whether or not the system is getting as much power as it should. To prevent power loss, keep the solar panels within close proximity of the batteries. Having a long distance between the panels and batteries will result in the system being less efficient, as energy is lost through the cable. Another way to keep power levels high is to prevent the panels from being shaded. Shade will prevent the panels from getting as much light as possible.

Brightening The World With Green EnergySometimes the best way to know about a product before you buy it is to see it in action. The only way to truly know what a solar power system has to offer without actually buying the system is to view a home that is powered by it. In many states, there are tours that residents can take of homes powered by solar power. These homes feature the most common solar setups and show homes running under average conditions, featuring lighting and appliances that most people use.

Your solar power system will be most effective when your home is energy efficient. The less energy you have to draw from your panels, the more you’ll have in store for later, or even more to sell to the power company. You’ll also be able to save on installation costs. Make sure your home is thoroughly insulated to keep heat and cool air trapped inside, preventing the need for excess heater and air conditioner use. Replace windows with double glazed windows which also keep air trapped. Seal any cracks to prevent air from escaping as well. Instead of using incandescent bulbs, use fluorescent or LED bulbs.

People are interested in solar energy because of all the benefits it offers. Solar energy is free, it’s good for the environment, and it’s efficient. Solar energy is the wave of the future, so don’t be left behind and adopt it. Keep the information from this article in mind, as it will help you prepare your home for solar energy.

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