Creating a Healthy Eco-Friendly Garden


It is very possible that the reason that you created a garden is to be more eco-friendly. However, it is important to make sure that your gardening techniques will actually help you achieve this goal. Just keep up with your research and you can have a beautiful garden without using harmful chemicals or products.

While you may be against using chemicals in gardening, what are you going to do if your plants are invaded by bugs or disease? If you don’t have an idea what your alternatives are your resolve will be sorely tested as your garden falls apart around you. Make sure you stock the basics and join a forum for organic gardeners so you can get advice about specific problems.

Unless you have a whole house filter, the water from your hose is full of chemicals. Use a layer of mulch around your plants to avoid watering as much as possible. It will help hold the moisture in so your plants will not dry out.

Trying to go against nature in your garden will require more work than is necessary. You’ve probably seen the effects of introducing non-native species into the ecosystem. Choose plants that are native to your climate for your garden. Not only will they be easier to grow, you don’t have to worry about escapees.

While you want to take proper care of your yard and garden, don’t go too far. You don’t want to create an environment that is overly tortured or harmful. Take the time to plan out a healthy ecosystem for your yard. Remember that what you plant fill effect what other plants and animals will thrive in your yard.

Rain water is a great resource for organic gardeners. Set up water barrels around your house to collect rain water in the spring and summer. Depending on your local climate, it may not be enough to keep your plants watered, but it will definitely make an impact.

Food waste is not the only thing you can throw in your compost pile. Your yard waste can also be turned into nutrient-rich compost. Turn them occasionally to get oxygen into the pile and bacteria and other critters will turn it into free fertilizer. Keep this useful waste out of the landfill.

Trade in your gas guzzling riding mower for a smaller push mower. You can even invest in a more efficient electric mower to reduce your carbon emmisions even further. If you have a smaller yard you may even want to purchase a manual mower. Not only will you save money on fuel, but it is better for your lawn as well. These options also make it easier to collect the clippings for your compost pile.

While organic gardening may take a little more research and planning than one that makes use of dangerous chemicals to control the ecosystem, it is well worth the effort. You know that all the fruits of your labor will be safe to eat and your garden will look great.

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