Colorful Adventures With The Help of Mucci Farms

muccifarmsSmall changes implemented daily can add up to a big difference. This is the foundation of what Mucci Farms is doing for families as they balance busy schedules with the desire to establish great eating habits for their kids. Earlier, they partnered with area schools and Meet the Teacher events to introduce a new and fun way to bring nutritional education to your kids.

As a mom, you know how hard it is to get your kids to eat healthy snacks. Especially when “all the kids at school” are bringing in cool looking snack packs that are filled with processed foods that don’t have a lot of nutritional value. For a child to bring in an apple or carrot to munch on while their friends chomp away on sugar laden baked goods can make them feel as if they are facing a slime pit.

School is a social place. For many kids it can be scary to venture out solo and do what the other kids are not doing. However, when excitement can be combined with exploration and a sense of adventure during snack time with the introduction of new foods, everything can change.

One of the great things that Mucci Farms has done is introduce those same cool looking snack packs that your kids have become accustomed to into the school setting…but with a healthy twist. With simple packaging and some education about nutrition, they bring the possibility of making fresh fruits and vegetables available to kids who may not get that option at home as often as is recommended. Now, your kids can try out Mucci Farms‘ colorful, nutrition-packed foods right alongside their best friends. No stigma, just great tasting food that everyone enjoys together.

This is a win-win situation. The biggest draw for grabbing snack foods in the grocery aisle is the convenience. They are packaged so nicely in perfectly sized small portions which are perfect for small-sized hands. The challenge is that one look at the ingredient list will often reveal that the “perfect portion” is not so perfect!

As you juggle busy schedules and settle into the school routine, nutritional concerns often take a back seat to convenience. Making sure your kids have a snack to bring to school, any snack, can lead you to opt for something that’s processed. However, that can change when you look at the Veggies to Go Snack Packs from Mucci Farms.

Who thought that veggies could be so fun! With clever names like Sundrops and Cutecumbers, your little cuties can get the nutritional goodness packed in foods brought to you courtesy of Mother Nature.

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A Pleasurable dining experience with Chinese food

The tradition of China has been on record for many prospects. During the recent times, the food field also has a lot of gratitude for the Chinese food. I personally like what is called as the Chinese food recipes and people in all over the world have got their savor and obsession to the Chinese food items.
There are many restaurants in the mainland China and the rest of the country as well. The taste is enhanced as the Chinese people believe that preparing food is an art and this has rewarded them suitably, in the food industry. These Chinese methods have got a name in every part of the world, since they have a close relation to centuries old conventions.

My personal dining experience

It is not an easy task for common people to make the Chinese recipes since, it involves mastery of cooking, with the help of a chef specialized in the field, for a quite long time. It is this experience, which raises the style of cooking and the taste of the Chinese recipes.
I referred a few materials on Chinese food articles and found very interesting items in them. There were wide varieties of dishes in the menu. The starters included soups and spring rolls. They made the Chinese spring rolls with vegetable filling which was smooth, light, crisp-crackly skin and small enough to enjoy in few bites. The filling is also light, full of tender-crisp vegetables and the taste could be distinguished for every ingredient in the filling. The monchow soups also made of cut vegetables also had an incredible taste.

Main course delicacies

The main course included the traditional Chinese fried noodles with side dish as black bean sauce. The noodles had a great taste with cabbage, spinach, bamboo shoots and peas. Following the main course is a special tea that is served along. It is one of my favorite drinks, which is equally beneficial for health. It is made of Chinese herbs and is served hot. It has another advantage that it increases the appetite. Not only the tea but, in all Chinese food is very good for health, as it is not fried and includes a variety of green vegetables and herbs.

Elements in Chinese recipes

I learnt from the Chinese recipe books that there are two important elements in Chinese recipe cooking, namely Chinese wok and Bamboo steamer. The Bamboo steamer is used for preparing dumplings and vegetables, while the steamer is helpful in handling the wok immersed in the water. This denotes that, water is very important in the Chinese food recipes. The Chinese wok has an important element to play with health and nutrition of vegetable items. The wok enables the chef to save time and to preserve nutrients of the food with its original flavor.
Nowadays, most of the cities all across the world have restaurants, which offer some of the best Chinese food recipes. Only those, who have passion for different cuisines and variety habits, can acquaint with the Chinese recipes, else it wouldn’t please the normal ones. There is a sense of achievement in tasting the Chinese food and it will have a prolonged delicious taste in our mouths.

How Chinese food makes my day!

I am a big foodie! And I relish and enjoy eating good food all along. I love to explore different cuisines too. But, when it comes to my favourite cuisine, it hands down has to be Chinese food. To be honest, I hated eating Chinese when, I was young. It was because, once it made me sick and since then I felt nauseated just thinking about it.

So what changed?

Well, it took me sometime but, I eventually started eating Chinese based recipes and since then, they have been my number one choice, whenever I would go out to eat. The best part about Chinese food recipes is that, they are so quick and are ready in minutes. No wonder, they are termed as fast food, they are literally fast. Another thing is that, they consume less oil and food is mostly stir fried, in very little oil, rather than deep fried or soaked in oil. And those yummy sauces are so well flavoured, I just can’t resist. Chinese food uses a lot of garlic honestly, I like that flavour too. The burnt garlic is very aromatic.

Did I ever experiment cooking Chinese?

Well yes, I have experimented or rather I cook Chinese, once in a while. At first, it seems that it needs a lot of work. Well it does. You need to chop, chop and chop and keep things ready. The preparation is more time taking, then actual cooking. The most popular Chinese fried rice is really easy to make once all your vegetables are chopped and ready. And yes, some boiled boneless chicken too. Follow the recipe step by step.
Now, I am not a professional chef so it’s but obvious that my taste of cooking Chinese, at home will be different, as compared to what I eat outside. The techniques are different, so I miss out on those, but it satisfies those cravings. So, to conclude my dish turned out well and was accompanied by dry chilly garlic chicken.

Speciality of Chinese food

Another thing that I love about Chinese food recipes is that, they are so innovative and colourful. That not only satisfies your appetite but, appear so fresh to your eyes too. Now anyone, like me, who’s fussy about eating veggies, this is a great way of having them. I actually enjoy eating vegetables this way.
The only odd thing or rather not recommended thing about these recipes is that, they include a taste enhancer called ‘ajinomoto’, which is actually asked to avoid. But then, every food has artificial flavour. If you cook at home you can avoid adding that.

Special Chinese soups

Chinese food recipes include classic soups. They are just heavenly felt. The wanton soup makes my day. The flavours just play around only asking for more. I think it’s one of the easiest cuisines to cook. Chinese food has to be relished, when they are really hot and just out of the bowl. So, I suggest you to check out some appealing recipes and try them out yourself and why not try and add your innovations in them too? Have fun cooking!

Trying out Chinese recipes once in a while

No matter, what background or culture we may follow, Chinese food and Chinese recipes are something, which we love. The special feature of Chinese food, which attracts me a lot, is the variety of items available. Chinese food and recipes are quite large in number. Also, the dishes are so tasty and colorful in appearance that, even before, I eat them I get attracted to it.

Why try out these Chinese recipes?

A question, which may pop up in everyone’s mind is to know the utilities of these Chinese dishes. The basic utility they offer is by adding variety to our daily cuisine. Eating same or similar food, on a consistent basis, can create a sense of boredom in the house. Personally, that’s an issue in every household today. Hence, different recipes may add to the type of food, we can prepare for different situations.
The other factor, which literally provokes me to experiment with Chinese recipes, is the health benefits attached to them. Chinese recipes, when made at home with minimum spices and proper mixture of ingredients can prove significantly healthy. Thus, the food is tasty and healthy at the same time. I generally prefer such foods for my kids, as it is easy to wrap in some beneficiary vegetables in them.

Specialty of Chinese recipes

The Chinese recipes are pretty flexible. As in, I believe so, as substitutes for the items are pretty easily available. Due to different tastes and preferences of individuals, various Chinese food recipes may contain some ingredients, which may not be available in a particular country. Many Chinese recipe suggesting sites not only educate about the traditional recipes but, also provide for replacements to make.
Sometimes, by understanding the type of product, we by ourselves may tend to add suitable replacements for the Chinese recipes, according to our convenience. This may match to our taste requirements and also ensure our objectives of making such food items are met.

Change in taste essential

I often tend to travel to different restaurants of varied cuisines. I believe in tasting all types of dishes and understanding the culture behind them. In the modern world of globalization, one should always be open to all types of dishes and should try out them at least. Again making negative perception in regard to the dishes, when you order them first time can be a common issue.
When, I ordered a Chinese dish for the first time at the age of 14 years, I was really embarrassed and didn’t know how to finish the dish, I had ordered. Since, then I maintained reasonable distance from Chinese food, till my friend invited me to a Chinese dinner at home.
Selection of Chinese food plays an extremely important role. The items, which look good, need not necessarily be good. That’s why, it is essential for an individual to consider some blogs or review articles, from people of similar culture or background is essential. They help you identify best recipes, according to common tastes and cooking styles of such individuals.